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DARK CIRCLES- How to brighten your eye area

DARK CIRCLES- How to brighten your eye area

The skin under our eyes is different from the rest of our face. It contains less collagen and oil glands. Thus, why we treat and use different skincare products in the area to the rest of the face. 

Over time, our skin naturally slows the production of collagen, resulting in thinner, more transparent skin. Changing the appearance to a darker colour. In this case, your skin isn't 'changing colour', rather the blood vessels under your eyes stand out more prominently. Doing what you can to boost collagen and plump your skin will help keep dark circles at bay. 

However, dark circles can also be a result of hyperpigmentation. In which case, regulating the production of pigmentation is your aim. 

Some other causes of dark circles include: 

  • Allergies 
  • Hay fever
  • Eczema 
  • Contact dermatitis 
  • Fatigue
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Frequent rubbing of the eyes
  • Sunlight exposure. 
  • Darker skin tone/family genetics 


To improve the appearance of dark circles a combination of treatments and products are recommended. 


Illuminating Eye Balm™

An instantly illuminating and hydrating under eye balm which helps to minimise the appearance of dark lines and circles.

Retinol Eye TR™

Retinol Eye TR firms' skin while you sleep so you can wake up to youthful-looking eyes. Using 0.1% retinol, it plumps up fine lines and smoothes out wrinkles.

Advanced Day Eye Protect

An all-encompassing age-defying eye cream with sun protection, anti-pollution and anti-A.G.E. technologies plus caffeine and hesperidin to reduce the appearance of puffiness. Lines and wrinkles are not just visibly reduced but future skin ageing is minimised. Super-light formula with an invisible finish. 



A series of skin needling treatments will promote collagen production for months to come. The needles create micro-injuries that initiate the body's own immune system that will increase circulation and thickness of the skin.  


Tixel is another great option for improving dark circles around the eyes. Tixel is a non-invasive treatment that can be performed right up to the lash line. This will not only immediately improve circulation and decrease the appearance of dark circles, but also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles! 




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