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Tattoo reduction is performed with a Q-switched laser. Q-switch lasers refers to the amount of pulse delivered at a certain speed. This enables the laser to shatter ink within the skin without causing destruction to the surrounding skin.

Some frequently asked questions

Laser tattoo removal works by applying concentrated energy to the ink particles. This breaks up the large particles of ink into smaller ones, allowing your immune system to flush it out. Each laser treatment works at a different depth in the skin, so multiple sessions (spaced 12 weeks apart) are needed to target all the ink. We use Medical Grade Lasers to safely target your unwanted tattoo with ultra short pulses of amplified light.

These pulses of light are attracted to the pigment in your tattoo which then breaks up and shatters the ink. These ink particles are then broken into tiny fragments which are engulfed by the bodies immune cells and eliminated through the bodies waste pathways safely and naturally flushed out of your system causing the ink to disappear.

Tattoo removal isn’t completely painless but is over very quickly. Our clinicians recommend using a numbing cream 1 hour prior to tattoo removal and will assist with cooling pre and post treatment.  Tattoo removal may be more painful depending on the area on the body, density and colour of ink. It is recommended to avoid high amounts of caffeine on the day, taking pain killers and eating something sugary before treatment time.

Yes. Downtime can be anywhere between 2-7 days depending on size and location of the tattoo. Movement may be restricted and sensitive, redness and swelling of the area. Please follow aftercare instructions given by your clinician to assure the wound is properly looked after.

Most of our clients undertake an average of 6-12 treatments* to achieve optimal results. While some fading may be apparent after only several sessions*, more treatments are recommended to reach 80% removal of the unwanted tattoo.

A typical tattoo takes about 10 treatments to remove completely. If you are looking to fade a tattoo for a coverup piece, a partial tattoo removal option will remove as much ink as possible from your skin in just 1-4 sessions. This can vary depending on the artist and the new artwork that you want.

Yes we do! Packages vary depending on size of the tattoo. We can tailor a package for you!

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